Gourmet Foods for those with
Gluten Sensitivities

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On The California Central Coast

Gourmet Gluten-Free Products from California's Central Coast


Wild Coast Foods offers gourmet, gluten-free foods. We sell breads, rolls, pizza dough and other baked goods to restaurants, hotels, specialty markets, and individuals. Today, our customers are located primarily in California.

Why Try Our Products?
The high quality, better texture, wonderful taste of Wild Coast Foods' products contribute to a unique experience for those who require or prefer gluten-free products. And, our products contain no processed sugar, soybean oil or soy bean flour, and only minimal salt.

About Us
Wild Coast Foods makes and sells products for people who are allergic or intolerant to gluten and soy. Unlike most foods for people with dietary restrictions that taste bland or unpleasant, our products are flavorful, delicious and healthy.

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